W.I.S.E., under the leadership of Lisa Papararo, is an interdenominational women’s fellowship dedicated to: Educating God’s women, Demonstrating God’s love, and Communicating God’s message to the women in our community.

The WISE Women’s Network includes weekly Bible Studies at various locations, summer fellowship times, outreach events at holidays, as well as retreats and leadership training seminars throughout the year.

Through these many gatherings, W.I.S.E. offers the opportunity to learn Biblical principles and how we can apply them to the challenges facing women today.  W.I.S.E. also allows us to develop the honest and caring friendships women need to bring us to our full potential.

We invite you to come and be a part of our network fellowship as we grow together as Women in Search of Excellence!


Dear WISE Network friends,

We have several opportunities for you to stay faithful to God’s Word, consistent in prayer, and available to your sisters in Christ.  Check out our Upcoming Events and see what is coming up near you.

I want to encourage you to take these opportunities to prayerfully consider which friend (close or acquaintance) that you may want to invite to these sessions.  These fellowships are non-threatening and a perfect environment for newcomers to see how friendly and relaxed the WISE Network gatherings are.  If you have never attended, don’t hesitate to try us out.  We are a bunch of fun-loving but faithful women seeking real help, real hope, for real women.  This is only available through our Real Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: His Word, His Spirit, His People.

What makes the WISE Network unique?  We all realize we are a bunch of “crackpots!”  But instead of hiding our broken places, we put a candle inside (the Word of God) and let the Light of Jesus shine through the cracks.  We don’t try to cover up our flaws, our questions, our doubts.  We bring them to the Word and let God’s Spirit lead us into all Truth.  We take God’s Word very seriously.  We don’t take ourselves seriously at all!

If you’re pretty sure you’re a cracked pot too, feel free to join us this summer for fun, fellowship and a time to grow in faithfulness.  We look forward to seeing you!

In His service,    

Lisa Papararo